Oxford 2013

8th Annual Conference: New Approaches and New Questions in Chinese Law
18th to 20th September 2013

From September 18th, to September 20th, 2013, the conference entitled “New Approaches and New Questions in Chinese Law” took place in the historical city of Oxford, England. Scholars, PhD students, legal professionals and persons generally interested in the Chinese legal system, travelled from all over the world, notably the United States (US), China, Italy, Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom (UK) to gather at one of England’s most prestigious law faculties.

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Italy 2008

3rd Annual Conference
1st to 4th October 2008

Otto Malmgren

The 2008 Annual Conference of the European China Law Studies Association was held upon the generous invitation of Prof. Dr. Gianmaria Ajani (University of Torino) and Prof. Dr. Marina Timoteo (University of Bologna). The conference venues were also divided between the institutions in Bologna and Torino. Up to 80 scholars, researchers, students and practitioners from Europe and Asia participated in the four-day programme.

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