2019 Durham Summer School for Chinese Law and Policy

The 2019 Durham Summer School for Chinese Law and Policy in cooperation with the -ECLS will be a two-week residential program in Durham, the United Kingdom. It is designed for students and professionals interested in studying Chinese law, and aims to cater to the educational and professional needs of students and lawyers with an interest in Chinese law and transnational legal practice. The Summer School provides an unparalleled opportunity for studying Chinese law with the world’s leading Chinese law scholars.
The Summer School will be convened by the Centre for Chinese Law and Policy (CCLP) of Durham University, hosted by Durham Law School and supported by the ECLS. Courses are taught in English by world-leading faculties, distinguished scholars, and lawyers on the historic City Campus of Durham in beautiful surroundings filled with an excellent choice of events and entertainment.

In the first year of this pioneering event, core courses will encompass constitutional law, company law, contract, and international law, as well as other relevant law and policy topics such as intellectual property, employment law, and cross-border disputes. The Summer School aims to enrol students from the UK and other parts of the world.

The Summer School provides an ideal venue for a congenial group of participants and faculties to share and exchange their diversified legal backgrounds and cultures. The academic program dwells on the rich community of Durham Law School and Durham University. In particular, this year’s event will be enhanced and complemented by the 2019 annual conference of the ECLS to be held in Durham. A number of the world’s leading Chinese law scholars will come to Durham to disseminate their cutting-edge research so that students can enjoy a scholarly and cultural feast of Chinese law.

Our summer school programme is now live: https://www.dur.ac.uk/law/research/centres/cclp/summerschool2019/

Here is the link to the registration for summer school: https://www.dur.ac.uk/law/research/centres/cclp/ssregistration/