Leiden 2017: Conference Programme

23 August

13.00–14.30: ECLS Young Scholars Workshop — Part I:
Paving the Way for an Academic Career – Ways of Self-Presentation and Promotion as a Young Scholar
Susan Finder (School of Transnational Law, Peking University)
Rogier Creemers (Faculty of Law, Leiden University)

15.00–16.30: ECLS Young Scholars Workshop — Part II:
Methodological Approaches to Assess the Legal Development in China’s One-Party State
Flora Sapio (Centre on China in the World, Australian National University)
Larry Catá Backer (Penn State University)
Benjamin Liebman (Columbia Law School)

17.00: ECLS General Assembly

24 August

9.00–9.45: Welcome session

9-45–11.00: Keynote
Benjamin Liebman: Disclosure of court information: An Empirical Study from Henan
Discussant: Susan Finder

11.00–11.30: Coffee

11.30-13.00: Plenary Session 1: Post 4th-Plenum Reforms
Liu Wenting: Selecting the Lawyers: National Judicial Examination after the 4th Plenum of CCP
Sun Ying: Evaluating Judicial Reform After the 4th Plenum
Wang Zhiqiong: The Proposed State Supervision Commission – Towards the creation of a new state power structure
Zhang Tianze: Land Expropriation in China: A Comparative Economic Study of Public Interest in Eminent Domain

13.00–14.00: Lunch

14.00–15.30: Parallel sessions
Session A: Law and the environment
Navraj Singh Ghaleigh: Climate ‘Law’ in China?
Ma Yun: Vertical Management Reform and Environmental Law Enforcement

Session B: Insolvency Law
Shuai Guo: Cross-border Provisions in the Chinese Bank Insolvency Legal Framework
Wang Bingdao: The Analysis of Cross-border Insolvency Issues Between Mainland China and Hong Kong
Yin Huifen: Dealing with Individual Defaults in China

Session C: Law enforcement
Jasper Habicht: The Role of Campaigns in Law Making – ‘Regulatory Failure Campaigns’ in the Field of Immigration Law
Jing Lin: An Empirical Examination of the Death Penalty
He Ting: Reforming China’s Juvenile Justice System

15.30–16.00: Coffee

16.00–17.30: Parallel sessions
Session D: Law and society
Karen Lee: Perceptions of legal institutions and public compliance with the law
Song Yaoxi: The Relation between Citizenship and Social Solidarity
Jing Li: Legal Innovation 2.0: An Empirical Study on Alternative Legal Service Providers in China

Session E: China and international law
Iina Tornberg: Transnational public policy in international arbitration in China?
Math Heckman: The definition of FRAND commitments: a comparison between EU and Chinese approaches

Session F: Foreign Investment and Arbitration
Tao Nanying: China’s Attitude towards Investment Arbitration and its Implications for Regional Trade Agreements
Jane Willems: Defining ‘Foreign’ in Chinese Investment Law: New Criteria for The Concepts of Investment and Investor?
Zhang Luping: Liberalization and Internationalization of Arbitration in China: In the Case of Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone

Evening: Conference drinks, hosted by Leiden Asia Centre

25 August

9.00–10.30: Parallel sessions
Session G: Law and the market economy
Fang Ma: Corporate Governance in China: The Development of Derivative Actions
Gianmatteo Sabatino: Legal features of Chinese Economic Planning
Xu Lu: Regulating E-Commerce in China

Session H: The crisis of representation and the Chinese Communist Party’s “Mass Line”
Panel members:
Larry Catá Backer, Pennsylvania State University
Flora Sapio, Australia National University
Patricia M. Thornton, University of Oxford
Holly Snape, Researcher ICCSL
Jean Christopher Mittelstaedt, University of Oxford

10.30–11.00: Coffee

11.00–12.30: Parallel sessions
Session I: Terms and concepts
Michele Mannoni: Explaining the term “feifa quanyi”
Simona Novaretti and Hanne Petersen: Solidarity and legality – European and Chinese Perspectives

Session J: Financial and securities law
Xi Chao: Into the Mind of Securities Regulators: An Empirical Assessment of Securities Enforcement Actions in China 1998–2016
You Chuanman: Regulating Financial Innovation in China
Yu Nan: Mandatory Dividend Regulations in Emerging Financial Markets: A Case of China

Session K: Labour law
Brown, Ronald: Globalism Chinese Style: New Leader: New Rules; No Labor Protections in its Trade Agreements
Qinxuan Peng: Social equality and labour conditions
Eva Pils: The struggle for labour rights as human rights in China – understanding the debates among rights defenders

12.30–13.30: Lunch

13.30–15.00: Plenary session 2: Law and development in China and its region
Georg Gesk: How to Refinance the Rural Economy: Regional Differences of Rural Mortgages and Land Sale
Zhong Zhang: Law and Economic Development in China: A Case Study of the Stock Market Growth
Mimi Zou: Labour Law and Developmentin China: The End of Sweatshops?

15.00–15.15: Closing session, young scholar award