ECLS Young Scholars

The Young Scholars — A Platform for Exchange and Discussion

The European China Law Studies Association (ECLS) invites young scholars, PhD candidates, and Master students to play an active part in research on Chinese law and innovative projects in the field.

The ECLS offers academic support and a good network of established scholars. That is why a group of PhD and Master students want to set up a platform that is closely connected to the ECLS’s events and offers young scholars a network for academic exchange.

Currently, we are planning to organize an inaugural conference in Oxford in May 2017. All participants will have the opportunity to present and discuss their projects with experienced scholars and peers. We offer feedback and discussions in an informal atmosphere.

In August 2017, all of the inaugural conference’s participants will be invited to attend the ECLS’ annual conference which will be held at Leiden University. They are given the opportunity to present their projects in front of internationally renowned scholars.

We plan to organise similar workshops and small conferences on a regular basis to enhance the exchange of ideas and networks.

If you are committed to doing research in Chinese law and interested in participating in discussions and research collaboration in this field, join the ECLS Young Scholars!

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